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Water Wellness Mission, a Sea Island Hunger Awareness Foundation program, was founded in 2016. Its sole mission is to put in place new wells and filtration systems for the hundreds of people on Johns and Wadmalaw Islands who suffer from impure water, and dysfunctional wells.

The Sea Islands are a vast coastal expanse of natural beauty. Many of its inhabitants, however, live below the poverty line and have no access to public water, leaving well dependency the only option. Failing wells leave these folks without clean, safe water for drinking, bathing, and cooking.  The need for healthy water has been overlooked. Water Wellness Mission is changing that.

To date,  due to the generosity of our donors, hundreds of family members now enjoy clean water. Homes with senior citizens, children, the disabled, veterans, and female heads of households have benefitted. But many more need help. We need your help to reach them.


Many families on Wadmalaw and Johns Islands have failing wells and impure water. That puts them at high risk for numerous health issues and forces the purchase of expensive bottled water.


The solution is new well / filtration systems. We have the volunteer team to identify those in need. We have the contractor team who installs the systems. We have the follow-up team to ensure continued system operation and clean water flow. We need you on our team to provide the dollars.


To date, WWM has provided clean water to over 70 homes, including

280 individuals, 60 female heads of household, 60 minors, 80 seniors, and 50 disabled folks.


Socenecka's Story

LUCKY 100!

Socenecka Wyatt hasn’t been lucky with her water for years. Her well water, as with so many on Wadmalaw Island, produced brown, smelly water which was undrinkable. But finally, this month, Socenecka and her family got lucky, as our 100th recipient of a new well.

Socenecka is raising her 3 young boys with the invaluable help of her mother, Mrs. Wyatt whom Socenecka calls an angel. Christopher, 8, London, 5, and Zion Gabriel, 2, spend many days at their grandmother’s house, where they can enjoy a favorite activity..bubble baths! Luckily, Miss Wyatt’s water is pure.


Families with failing wells are identified through church notices, volunteer organizations, news articles, and by word of mouth. Once a family's application is accepted, WWM ensures all permits are in place for the well contractor, electrician, and plumber. Our WWM field supervisor oversees proper installation and functionality.


Shallow wells between 50-100 feet are drilled, and a pump is put in place. A self-cleaning filtration system is installed which eliminates iron, sulfur, and other impurities. A fiberglass enclosure ensures protection from the elements. Water from a new well is tested for purity and mineral levels. Follow-up visits occur after installation.  


The cost of each well/filtration system is $6500.00.


Our mission cannot be achieved without the generosity of our donors. As a volunteer organization, we have no salaried positions. Over 98% of all monies go toward well installation and related issues. Just 2% is used for accounting and marketing needs.

Please join us! 

Whether you have an interest in taking applications from new clients, ensuring quality control post installation, or providing public relations content,  WWM welcomes you. 


Water Wellness Mission was founded in 2016 as a project under the umbrella of  Sea Island Hunger Awareness Foundation (SIHAF). SIHAF began in June 2014, and received non-profit status in March 2015. Their mission is to assist agencies, churches, and other organizations in providing consistent and dependable sources of food to seniors, the disabled, and veterans who cannot provide for themselves. Donating and delivering canned food, growing nutritious produce, and delivering food staples are ways in which SIHAF improves the lives of needy island residents. 


Water Wellness is the perfect compliment to this food-oriented foundation. As SIHAF's focus is based on delivery of nutritious foods, our focus is the delivery of nutritious water.


In just under 3 years, WWM has begun to accomplish this mission. 


Bill Britton


Bill is a native of Washington, DC, and has spent his adult life in South Carolina after graduating from the University of South Carolina. He has spent over 4 decades of his career in the South Carolina real estate industry.


Bill moved to Seabrook Island 5 years ago. He has several new home developments on Seabrook that keep him active with his business. However, he does make time to give back to the community through his work with several nonprofits.


One of those is Water Wellness Mission. In March, 2016, the Founder of the Sea Islands Hunger Awareness Foundation, Shirley Salvo, asked Bill to organize an effort to help the many “in need” people of Johns and Wadmalaw Islands obtain clean water in their homes.


As a result, Bill founded the Water Wellness Mission. Bill and the group began to raise the awareness level of this “third world country” condition and help as many families as possible.


He also serves on the Board of the Sea Islands Hunger Awareness Foundation and is an active member of the Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange Club, where he serves on several committees.

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Robert "Rob" Westendorff

Certified Water Well Contractor

Rob is the owner of Pure Water Drillers, the exclusive certified well driller for the Water Wellness Mission.


Rob was raised in the Wagner Terrace section of Charleston, and graduated Bishop England H.S. He now resides in Mount Pleasant.  Rob is something of an entrepreneur, having had several careers, including furniture refinishing, electronics and TV repair, and 20 years of shrimping.


The long hours, and days away from family caused Rob to consider other types of work. He eventually took classes on water well drilling, worked up a business plan with a family member, and began drilling in Williamsburg County for farmers.  He has since expanded to the greater Charleston area and has added geo-thermal installations to his menu.


Rob finds being able to help those in need on Wadmalaw Island both necessary and rewarding.

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